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Mekh's application - Mekh_Creature_2 - 17.10.2017 08:21

heyo FT-users Smile
my name is mekh and real name is Kittithat. i'm 12 years old ago to found this game is called "Trackmania" like ripoff game is "Track racing online" was to played it
i'm live to Thailand, Bangkok
i joining to FT because i joining only 1 tag with Smurfen clanpage
and my TMF Login is tipgamer (besides my MP account is "tipgamer")

RE: Mekh's application - eyebo - 19.10.2017 07:10

Hi Mekh,

Thank you for your application!

However, you left out some important information, like links to your best tracks for us to try. Be sure to read the "How to join the FunTrackers Clan" post in the forum for more info.