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FT Cars - Cheap Jeep - 14.03.2009 16:59

They're cool...
I wanna test them.
Where can I download them?

RE: FT Cars - Marcel - 14.03.2009 17:31

The skins of the header were only created for this use, and are not, and will never, be available for download.

Snakey created skins, based on this header skins, and provided them to the clan. Downloads were posted in internal forum, and may not be posted outside of it, because this skins should be used by FTs only, as they are seen as a kind of Clan Skins Wink2 (Except Snakey wants to post it as creator and ClanLeader)

(Btw: The (original) skins may look nice in the headers, but not while driving, because they were optimated for this screenshots. Even the FT logo on the right site of the car is missing Biggrin)

RE: FT Cars - Nefas - 15.03.2009 15:11

So if you are a FT you can use them, right ??
How about FTTs ??