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MyCode Plugin: TrackMania
The MyCode Plugin: TrackMania is a powerful plugin to easy and fast link to often used TrackMania Pages.
To link to this Help Document, simply write [tmhelp].

ManiaLinks (TMTP)
The ML Tags work like the URL-Tags: You either can specify a custom link text, or use the link itself to be clickable:
[ml=]Predefined Styles of ManiaLinks[/ml]
This code will result in:
Predefined Styles of ManiaLinks

Remember this links does only work, if the TMTP protocol has been associated to TMF during the installation routine.

TrackMania eXchange
To link to any track, hosted on TMX, you only have to know the ID, and optional the TrackMania Game to create a nice link.
If linking to a United Track, giving only the ID is already enough. Other Games the TMU have to seperatly be specified to build a correct link:
A link to United eXchange: [tmx=220656]Universal Trip by FT»Marcel[/tmx]
A link to Sunrise eXchange: [tmx=288414|S]CarMar by ECU kastun[/tmx]
This code will result in:
A link to United eXchange: Universal Trip by FT»Marcel
A link to Sunrise eXchange: CarMar by ECU kastun

As you can see, you simply can specify the Game by adding a | and the game itself. You can either use the full Name of the TrackMania game (United, NationsForever, Nations, Sunrise, Original), or the short forms of them (U, NF, N, S, O).

Another feature is, to autmatically integrade the uploaded Screenshot of the track, by leaving away the link text and the closing tag:
[tmx=220656] [tmx=288414|S]
This code will result in:

TrackMania Tube
If you want to link to a video on TM Tube, use:
This code will result in:

Note: Either you do not have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer or your Flash Version is outdated. You need Flash Player in order to view this item. Download Flash Player now.

But the TM Tube Tag is even more poweful: You can directly integrate the wanted video in the forum by leaving away the link text and the closing tag.
Next to only give the ID of the linked video, you can add additional options, each by adding a | and the option itself to the ID.
If you want that the text get floated next to the video (as shown here in the help document), specify |right or |left[i]. (To stop floating of the text, write [i][tmt=clear].) You can also specify the width of the video, by adding the wanted width in pixel to the options list, for example |320. (The height will be added for its own, using the 16:10 format).
All of these options are optional, but when specified, they have to be in the named order. This means that the float must always be before the width.
The used code for the video on the right is:
TrackMania Carpark
TM Carpark is a well known plattform, where you can get endless models and skins for TrackMania. To link to Carpark is as simple as to link to the other TM pages:
[tmcp=740]Enzo Farrari[/tmcp]
This code will result in:
Enzo Farrari

It is not possible, to get an image for the link only by knowing the ID of the model or skin, hosted on Carpark. So you have always to use the long form of the tag, short forms will not be parsed.

© MyCode Plugin: TrackMania by FT»Marcel & FT»kastun

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