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Full Version: check if maniacode has been executed with PHP problem
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I'm adding a simple poker game to my manialink (for Trackmania United Forever)
using PHP 5.2. The idea is that users can buy credits to play with coppers.
Suppose you have a quad like this:

<quad posn="0 0 0" sizen="12 6" style="Bgs1" substyle="BgIconBorder" manialink="buyCreditsForGame"></quad>

with buyCreditsForGame a registered maniacode that charges the user 50 coppers and points to an xml file
with the maniacode:

The PHP script has to check whether the maniacode has been executed and if so connect to a MySQL database
and increment credits by 5, update the jackpot,... Is there a way to check with PHP that the above maniacode
has indeed been executed? Remember: the manialink is for Trackmania United Forever, not for maniaplanet/Trackmania 2.


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