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Full Version: swag map
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Glumanda, just because we make some yolo or swag jokes from time to time doesn't mean that we have to spam the forum with this. Thanks for the understanding Smile
Why is that spam?
Im just presenting my swag map here Huh
I find it really nice that you apologized in the FT forum and everything, thanks for that, but this is a little out of place I think.
i don't get this post
There is probably no sense in this post Smile
I feel like this post has no sense... I don't really get it...
(now somebody should write, that he thinks, that this post has no sense and he doesn't get it, as nobody did so before Biggrin)
Even FT can't handle the amount of swag.
We lack a severe number of bronys bas.
Haha, I'll stick to LT though Ugly
I wasn't implying anything, but go ahead Mr. Ekkelenkamp.
Just saw this today, and the only thing that comes out of my mind is...

dafuq. Biggrin
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