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In the last few days I have rewrote the script of the Tracks-Section of our Manialink. So now it is more optimized, and has a few number of new features:
  • Newest Tracks first
    Now the newest tracks of an environment are shown first. Before it was the order of the database.
  • Environments with no tracks
    If you have in an environment no tracks, this environment is shown grey and you cannot click it. So there are no longer any empty pages. If an environment is chosen, and you change the author, who has no tracks in this environment, the newest track is shown first. (For example if you click on Rally, then on Dany, you will see his Snow Track, not his empty Rally-Page).
  • Link to private Manialinks
    If you click on the image "by [author]" you will get to his or her Manialink, if available. (do we have a her? xD) If this author has no Manialink, no link is shown ^^
  • FunTrackers in Left List
    Now the list at the left has a point "FunTrackers": There will be our Community Tracks.

I think, the Manialink (Tracks) is not up to date. So please look if all your tracks are on it, and if anyone is missing, please post it in this thread.

This script is new, so it will have some bugs in it. If you find anything that you think is not correct, please post it, so I can fix it Wink2

  • Selected Environment
    The image of the selected Environment is now a bit different to the others, so now it is possible to see it with just a look on the Envi-Bar. These images are a bit mor light or has a higher contrast or whatever Snakey has done Tongue After clicking through the Environments you should see the differences Wink2
I have made a new design for the Fun-Trackers-ML. I don't know if it is good, but I you want to see it, write FT-Proto into the ML-Browser Smile

Of course, I hope you like it Tongue
Yeah, Snakey I looked at it yesterday and it's great! Thumbsup
I think it's better than before, especially the header looks very nice with this tracks! Tongue

Great work! Smile
yeah I like the new design too Wink2 freat header!!!

Mfg Justicool
Just as note:

The Tracks-Script with the new Design is nearly complete, but there are still some little bugs, which I have to remove of course ^^ (Some images can't be load and you will not get where you want to Tongue Atm you can click as often on the Island picture as you want, you will not see the Island-Tracks Tongue)
I don't know when it will be finished, but I think, it will be next week or so Wink2
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