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Full Version: Joyeux' tracks
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Hey FT's !!! Smile

This thread is "dedicated" for all of my tracks ( only at the moment Biggrin )
Please say to me what do you think about these track all !! Tongue
My first Stadium :

My first duo ( with CartmanĀ»LT Biggrin ) :

My last map, my most awarded one, still waiting for the 40th Biggrin
I gave you the 40th award for Torn Smile
This map is really niice! Biggrin
All tracks are great Biggrin
Wow thank you for commenting Marky
and ofc thank you Snakey for that awesome award Smile
My first real snow, in Beta atm, but the track itself is finished. Tongue
Any feedbacks are welcome Biggrin

Very good map joy Smile I like the smooth start. the rest of the map is a little bit too fast for my taste but all in all good work. Thumbsup Btw: nice scenery and mt

My map is released!! Biggrin
My best map so far, for the FT-spam!! Biggrin

When u relase it Tongue ?
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