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Full Version: Sebik's ML
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Hi all Biggrin
For 3 days have been doing a my brand-new Manialink.
I had done prevnous some other manialinks, so I have an experience Tongue
My problem is following: how to optymalizate the code? I mean about the shortest time that page will be loading.

If somone would be interested in I can send the code for pages.
Manialink uses php and sql.

Whole Manialink is avaliable here: tmtp:///:sebik (some sections not finished).

You can also suggest alterations in overall look of manialink.
EnjoY! :>
Heyho Sebik!
I have just visited your manialink and what I want to say firstly is that it looks really cool. I like the idea of the random squares you have put on the white clean background. The header and the small picture under it also look quite good (Small suggestion: You should make make the picture a bit more wide).

The track-list is a bit hidden (I guess there might be some stupid people who won't find it), but I like it. What I'd suggest here is to let it stay open all the time after the user has opened it.

The track-presentation is nice, but I first didn't notice that the header screen are track-screens. I don't know if it's such a good idea to use the header (for me it's a header) for track-screens.

Well, all in all I find this Manialink good, because it has a really great design. I think it will become better and better in future.
Thanks for advices.
I have already found someone who will help me with the code.
If you're thinking about keeping the overlaping list after choice of the track it is no problem (alteration of one link), but I think that closing list after picking up one is better. For a while I left it as you suggested.
Maybe tomorow I'll start filling the window after selection. Maybe I'll add a rating option, but it will wait on same end Tongue
Yeee.... it's finished!
You can find it under "sebik" or "sebik1992".
Any bug reports can be written here.
Enjoy browsing! Ugly
nice ML sebik
Ok, it's better now. Great job ^^
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