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Full Version: paddy`s tracks
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Hey FTs!
In this thread I want to show you my tracks! I hope you'll like them!

Highspeed 2x45 map, Full MT

Speedy Desert map, Full MT, creative jump Wink2

Speed map, some fast jumps, full MT

another Coast speddmap, nearly the same like in AutumnFlow

my first real transition map, Full MT

my first fast Rally map, Full MT, not much deco xD

fast desert map

smooth highspeed shorty!

I hope you like them!
here: my new snow track!
with a fourfold used crossing:
Not to rain on your parade and I actually can't test it right now, but i think that last one's gonna be phailure
Kinda nice name... I will try it Biggrin
thanks Biggrin
it is just named as a Lostprophets-Song^^
Epic smooth indeed... But no awarding, too transitional Ugly
btw, my next track will be fullspeed-Island, I think Laughing
This would be my only 'usual' Islander on TMX Tongue
You are building too many tracks in a too short time Ugly
My last track... Was Moderate Gale more than a year ago Biggrin
It's called "activity" mar-cell, I think you should know Laughing

His maps have kind of a quality tho, they're smooth and flowy.
thanks Osaka Biggrin
and Marcel, I sometimes have times where I don't release any track for a while, and there are times (I know, these times are more often), where I release many tracks in a short time, because I always build many tracks at the same time time xD. This is because I start to build a track, then a make a brake in mapping this track. Then I drive some tracks of other Authors and get inspirated by them, and I start a new track, and after a short time I have four or five tracks I have to finish building^^ . So, I often release a track, because I always have to build a half track^^ btw 70% of my tracks on my computer aren't finished xD
OMG again a new track from paddy's track factoryBiggrin I know, I build too many tracks in a short time, but the tracks I need 10 hours work for aren't better then the tracks I need just 2-3 hours work, so here's a new one again xD
Damn paddy.
Just got back from tmn and now you've got almost double as much tracks as you've got first.
Now I have to try them all. xD
why did u leave tmu? :O
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