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Full Version: Need of a ManiaLink?
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'Arghh! This manialink programming is just too hard for me! I could never do a pretty cool manialink!'
Do you also think this way? With this I offer everyone a free possibility to create and host a one. And everything is for free!
I made this in order to help newbies creating a quite nice manialink and helping others to improve their codes by sharing my codes.

The design of the manialink I offer you is pretty easy but compact. There are a lot of defined styles used. Although this quite simple design, it offers you different options like a shoutbox and different trackpages. If you want to, I always make extras for you like mods & skins.

»Why choosing this hosting possibility?
This possibility offers you a lot of advantages over other ones, they will all be called below.
• it's free and for all
• easy and effective design
• nearly 24-hours-support
• optimized codes to set traffic down
• less work for you
• a shoutbox
• comment feature for tracks / mods
• different options on the trackview page (Test Track, Load Track, View at TMX & return to home)
• even more advantages
You can have a look at such a manialink by clicking here. It is the manialink where I tested the whole thing. But the trackload option isn't availible here. If the link doesn't work, enter
Braadje in the manialink bar.

»What do I need to do?
You want to have such a Manialink? That's always good to hear! If newbie or expert, that doesn't matter in any way! Simply do those little things...
• post here or better at the MadTrackers Forum where I am a bit more active
• tell me the options you want on the index (e.g. Tracks, Shoutbox, Donations and so on)
• get your production id and the time I'll start (this should only take 1 hour of work)
• make trackinfos (more info below)
• say me how much a map should cost and the name you want to have in the manialink browser (e.g. Braadje)
• wait until the production is finished

In order to let visitors see some facts before downloading data some infos are good.
• infos needed for all kind of data (mods, tracks, skins, ...)
• a trackinfo might look like that
• the 1 in the example is the id of the data (1 means oldest)
• make something like that for all tracks/mods you want to be displayed[/i]
• when all infos are done, simply mail them to me

I decided to share my codes, because this might also be helpful. To get a .zip package which is documentated a lot, simply click here. If you have any question, please use the support function.

Yeah, I'll do that all for free. But why? Mhh.. you needn't pay anything, but if things on your manialink cost some coppers, I would let go some percent to my account. How much depends on how much work I had. But not more than 50%. But this is a good deal, believe me.

»Special Thanks to...
B®aadje»LT for being my testing person
FIS»Benny«TB for helping me with the shoutbox
• my Clan-Mates for leaving feedback to the design
NitroGuY!»LT for beta-testing
Nadeo for those cool Forever Manialinks
FT»Marcel for the Manialink Forever Tutorial
bPlaced.Net for supporting .php and SQL databases
You for reading

MT»Cheap Jeep
No request? Sad
Post it in the official german trackmania forum, i think, there you can find many people who are interested in this service Smile
Ok, I'll do! Smile
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