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[Image: ftc-header6pn8.png]

Hello participator!
» If you have finished a track post the link here. Every track submitted here will be judged by the FTs! You don't have to give any information if you want. But please remember: The track must be new (released from 27th May till the 21st June).

Please do not spam, just present your map here. And, btw, please write the link in this way:
[tmx=TrackID]TrackName[/tmx] for United eXchange or
[tmx=TrackID|NF]TrackName[/tmx] for Nations Forever eXchange

List of Accepted Tracks:

List of Declined Tracks:

Only 10 entries will be here... Biggrin
No, as you may have noticed, we do have two 10th places in R1, so we will have 11 entries Teeth
This my entry for round 2:

Beautiful Morning (FTC-R2)
10 days left Biggrin
Hi, this is my track for the second round.

[FTC-R2]» LLanca
i suggest you remove the cut sanka, you will lose marks.
And I suggest some more people send their tracks.
I'm almost ready Snakey3000, just some more scenery and MT, but I'm busy atm Wink2

Also, you've chosen a bad date for the second round imo ^^

Ok I'll try.
i have problems with time too, because we write some tests at school atm, i finished my track and i have to add scenery and MT till sunday Wink2
I need a screen, then release for me Smile
I made this map in 8 hours, so I don't expect good results xD\
Tough Tortions, for FTC R-2
great that I looked here yesterday, when the deadline is xD
gets pretty close, but I'll try my best^^

Lol Teeth
good luck Biggrin
[Image: 11l3rzk.jpg]

Have fun Biggrin Teeth
I remove the cut of my map Wink2

can i upload the track tomorrow, because i was very busy the last weeks Smile

And i see that 7 guys havent uploaded the track yet :O


I've no Time! -.-
we've a School Trip tomorrow till friday..

Jonas (sorry, was too lazy to login xD)
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